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Jinora’s feeling down after remembering her hair’s gone and Kai decides to show her some support ♡

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I don’t know if most people are aware that Amazon has free “The Spirit of an Episode” videos for each episode of Book 3, but if it’s not common knowledge, people should check them out. They give a lot of interesting facts about the production and show quite a few neat references!

One needs to download “Silverlight” to be able to watch them, but it’s a quick process that one can do right on the site.

Here’s a link to the first episode if anyone cares.

And here is a post with most of the background references that were shown in the videos.

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baby come back

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"I’m here for you. I’m never going to let you go."

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Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending

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what the heckie was that book 3 finale I’m in pieces. So here’s aftermath makorra back at air temple island. this one’s for alice since….I broke my promise and wrote this fic before the other one..I’m scUM.

“Can you take this to Korra?”

Mako looks down at a tray of food unlikely to be found at air temple island: seal jerky, chicken soup, apple slices covered in cinnamon sugar, a big salad of green veggies, and some smoothie he can’t identify. Pema goes out of her way to make Korra meals high in protein and calories to try and get some of her strength back, which means she tries her handle in cooking meat. It’s been awhile, and her first attempt at seal jerky is burned, but Tenzin steps in to help since he remembers just how Katara used to make it.

It’s a tray of good food, but he doubts Korra will eat much of it.

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Let go...
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The Legend of Korra fandom Right now: