So, today my students saw the episode of korra The ultimatum„ and this was their reaction when Korra and Mako hugged each other :D they are 100%makorrians

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what the heckie was that book 3 finale I’m in pieces. So here’s aftermath makorra back at air temple island. this one’s for alice since….I broke my promise and wrote this fic before the other one..I’m scUM.

“Can you take this to Korra?”

Mako looks down at a tray of food unlikely to be found at air temple island: seal jerky, chicken soup, apple slices covered in cinnamon sugar, a big salad of green veggies, and some smoothie he can’t identify. Pema goes out of her way to make Korra meals high in protein and calories to try and get some of her strength back, which means she tries her handle in cooking meat. It’s been awhile, and her first attempt at seal jerky is burned, but Tenzin steps in to help since he remembers just how Katara used to make it.

It’s a tray of good food, but he doubts Korra will eat much of it.

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the makorra was real.

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this is all i wanted

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Okay but that makorra hug was really tight and close







i love everyone in this fandom

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i would like to point out several things in this embrace that kills me inside.

  • how they have those open-mouth smiles that shoot me in the face
  • the way his arms are just spread out
  • the fact that it seems like she nearly skids to fall in his arms
  • how their bodies seem to collide in that awkward ‘omfg oops sorry not sorry’ way
  • how his eyes close tightly and he looks like a kitty cat who’s with his favorite kitty companion (and cats are usually independent little thangs)
  • how he’s holding her tightly
  • how she’s all ‘woah, what is this. is this a hug’ because her hands are just all flying in the air
  • and then she finally puts her hand on his back
  • and the circle of life is complete

hii please come and chat! not only makorra we’re also going to talk about korra in general :D

-whispers- someone wanna do a makorra tinychat